Welcome to GM Graphics

Screenprinting Supplies! Welcome to GM Graphics new website.  An updated, mobile friendly website that is easier and safer to use.  Enjoy searching our web store for the items you are looking for and if you have any comments or issues – please let us know.


Our History

Gm Graphics has been in Business since 1989. Started because of a local need from a screenprinter that was tired of building his own wood frames.  GM Graphics is a unit of GM Companies. GM Wood products manufactures components for the door and window industry. Back in 1989 we were approached by this local screenprinter because he knew we were great manufactures and he wanted us to make his screens.  We did!  That is what started GM Graphics and it is still what keeps GM Graphics strong today.  We make the best frames and we sell them factory direct to save money for the local screenprinting shops across the country.

New Products

The landscape has changed over the years with the introduction of aluminum frames into the industry. We followed the trend and created a manufacturing line as well as trusted partners that allows us to also produce the best quality aluminum frames. Don’t be fooled there are a lot of low price aluminum frames on the market today but none of them match the quality and consistency of our frames.  GM Graphics have molders that allow us to produce wood handled squeegees. We have means of aluminum extrusion that allows for a better designed aluminum handled squeegee. Products we also carry are a line of screenprinting chemicals and emulsion. Block-out tapes, Inkjet Films, Laser Films, Vellums, and various screenprinting supplies.  We offer remeshing for used frames.  We can also build custom frames for the special application any customer might have.

Best Shipping Deals

Most popular size frames we keep in stock for quick order delivery.  We offer free shipping over $100 for these products.